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What Will Be, Will Be

We didn’t get as much done over the weekend as we had hoped.

We have some of the lights up but there are multiple strands still laying in the yard. We have to go through a few and find whichever bulbs are causing the outages. I guess the title from my last post was foretelling. Christmas lights frustrate me, as does pie crust, wrapping oddly shaped presents, and doors that do not clearly mark if they swing from the left or from the right.

On the mouse front… We plugged every hole we could find that may be allowing the mice access to the kitchen. Now they’re coming from the furnace closet. I can’t kill them. It isn’t a part of who I am to snuff out a life simply because it’s annoying me. So, we will continue to block them as much as we can until they find things too difficult here and move on. I want to believe that’s a possibility. This is a battle I refuse to lose!

We didn’t get around to painting any decorations or ordering any ornaments. Someone, possibly a plow, destroyed our mailbox, so we had to spend some time putting a new one up. I don’t mean “we” really. I did participate by putting the new numbers on the box, so there’s that. The mailbox is now back in place and ready for packages. It’s pointing a little cockeyed in regards to lining up with the road but quirkiness is a quality attribute. I hope our mailman agrees.

Oh well, there’s always next weekend!

Title From:
Que Sera, Sera
by Doris Day