You Know I’d Never Talk About the Weather

Right now it’s 58°F and storming, which means I can’t open the windows. I can’t open the windows for multiple reasons. First, I’m terrified of lightning. I’ve gotten better over the years, but I still can’t allow drafts when there’s even a trace of thunder. It started in 1994 when lightning struck our house, which wasn’t uncommon, but this particular time it shot through the electric lines and hit my aunt who had been holding the refrigerator door. She was pregnant and had to be taken to the hospital to be checked. Everyone survived. I also got to experience ball lightning because of that event, which I didn’t realize was what I saw until I looked it up on the internet many years later. The second reason is that I can’t stand being in unnecessary humidity. So I’m sitting in the office with the air conditioner on, freezing. Why do I always talk about the weather?

Moving on. I ordered two new Fitbits in a misguided attempt at motivating myself to get back into a proper workout schedule. Kind of like how you’d possibly buy new shoes if you decided to take up running again. Or is that just me? It could be me. I have way too many reasons for buying new shoes. Anyway, most of the time I use the Fitbit to monitor my sleep, which is often terrible, but the Charge 2, unlike the original Flex, also monitors heart rates, has breathing sessions, and can display the time and text messages. There’s nothing like reading some text messages to get you pumped for the elliptical, amirightyouknowimright. If you happen to be interested in your own, there’s a sale through the 16th, I think. I mean, I was just there, but I can’t remember. Brains.

The storm is picking up. Time to head to the living room and hide under the blanket.

Title From:
Summer In Dixie
by Confederate Railroad