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No Telling How All This Will Work Out

I have been jogging for a few weeks now. My only complaint about jogging, or any sort of prolonged walking/hiking, really, is the tendency for my socks to start slipping down into my shoes. This may just be something that annoys me personally and isn’t that big a deal to other people, but I doubt I’m the only person to find it obnoxious.

So I’m going to tell you about something I bought on a whim when we were down in Wyoming in early July.

We wanted to go hiking and had brought our hiking boots (Keen Targhee II – Women’s | Men’s), but I had forgotten to pack socks. We needed a few more tent stakes, so we decided to run into Bomgaar’s and grab the stakes and some socks as well. I grabbed a pack of incredibly soft socks from Dickie’s, which were so slippery they allowed my foot to slide around in my boot, which is not great when you’re walking on unstable terrain. I have not worn those again, though I’m sure they’ll function as perfectly acceptable grocery shopping socks or nice slippers come fall. I also grabbed a pack of Dickie’s Dritech Non-Slip Liner Socks.

I’ve wanted to try no-show socks for a while. I’ve seen a lot of runners sporting them, and if they were willing to wear them, they must not be as much of an issue as you’d expect.

And they aren’t!

Despite looking as though they’d roll right down off your heel, they stay firmly in place. I have not jumped onto the treadmill rails to adjust my socks even a single time since wearing them. I don’t know what the material is that’s adhered to the heel, silicone? rubber? magic?, it doesn’t say, but there is an oval of something rubbery on the heel that keeps everything in its place.

I wear them five days a week, and after approximately one month of regular washing, they’re holding up fantastically; the little heel bit isn’t peeling or splitting. If you’re curious about liner socks as well, or you also suffer from annoyance at the crumpling slide of regular socks, I’d recommend giving these a try.

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by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton