Why Mess Around with Strife?

Tonight I am in the “office,” and not on the couch, though I should be. Sitting at my desk more frequently has been prolonging the swelling and pain from the micro-fractures in my foot. I’m just so sick of being in the same place. Plus, I’m perpetually checking for earwigs when I sit on the couch now since I’ve found them crawling on me three times this summer, and frankly, three times is four times too many. Creepy little things.

The windows are open. It’s no longer reaching 100°F during the day, and even in the midst of a heat wave, our nights are cool. It dips into the fifties every evening now. The neighboring ranch has brought in two new cows to the paddock next to us, and their mooing is echoing around the valley. It’s incessant and not a little annoying, but it’s a better noise to listen to than those of a city.

Have a listen:


The local school starts again on Thursday, which means fall is coming. I love autumn. I love winter even more. I’m counting down the days to Halloween and bookmarking Christmas presents while I listen to the chirping of crickets, the clicking of bats, ceaseless mooing, and other sounds of summer. Hopefully, I’ll be healed by the holidays. I’d hate to spend them confined to the world’s most uncomfortable sofa.

While stuck on the couch I’ve read a lot of news. However, I think I’ll stop now. I once saw a YouTuber express her desire to avoid the news because she wanted to live happily and without worry. Of course, it being the internet, she was ridiculed for choosing to be “uninformed.” At this point, I have to side with her. I’d rather be uninformed than brought to unhappiness and fear by the reporting of only negativity. The world needs a lot less tunnel-vision laser-focused on being upset. There is peace, there is kindness, and there is beauty. If all that’s looked for is the bad, it’s quite easy to forget to notice the good. I’d rather look for the good and stop allowing others to point out everything awful.

Imagine if a friend were to do that personally, never saying anything positive? I don’t know about you, but that friend wouldn’t be my friend very long.

Title From:
Give Me The Simple Life
by Etta Jones