Burgers and Fries and Cherry Pies

After a few days of sitting in the living room, our new stove is finally in place. It looks … interesting. The old range was white, as was the old refrigerator. The new appliances are both black and stainless steel, but since they’re not made by the same company, each is its own shade of silver. On top of the slight color difference, the handles don’t match. It doesn’t matter since the fridge will be coming with us, but it looks a bit silly.

However, the most important parts are all fantastic. The oven turns on and back off again the very first time you tell it to do so. This is amazing to me. It’s been quite a long time since that’s happened. On top of that, the temperature is right where it should be, not 100+ degrees too high. The stove works and there are burner caps, which top off the sealed burners, making it impossible for mice to crawl up through the cooktop. I’m sure they’ll still invade, as is their wont, but at least it’s not as easy.

Tomorrow I may bake the pumpkin bread I mentioned before, cement the measurements, and possibly post the recipe. I wouldn’t count on any pictures though, as I seem to have lost both my desire to compose nice shots and my patience to edit them.

Title From:
Burgers And Fries
by Charley Pride