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Better Run, Better Run

Over a year ago, I mentioned developing an interest in running, and that we didn’t have room for a treadmill, which is why I was sticking to the elliptical as my go-to exercise. I also mentioned using Zombies! Run, which I still recommend for anyone looking for a fun story to move them along during walks, jogs, or runs, so long as you don’t suffer from any level of misophonia. One of the sounds that enrages me to listen to is sloppy kissing noises, as well as licking; they’re kind of the same sticky wet sound, and they infuriate me. Annoyingly, the app had two or three instances of kissing, and I stopped using it.

Another thing I really wanted was a virtual reality running simulator or something. Going nowhere while staring at the blinds for a half hour is boring, and the last thing you want when working out is to be murdered, but being bored isn’t great either.

The elliptical I have is the same one I had in 2009. It’s a Schwinn — that’s all I can tell you. For my fortieth birthday (March 13) this year, I requested an upgrade to the ancient elliptical. One that didn’t wobble, have the display cut off mid-workout, which means losing the record of the progress I’d made, and had more features, like something bigger than an iPod holder.

We started looking at the NordicTrack FS9i, which is a freestride machine. It becomes a stair stepper, which I’d never use, an elliptical, and a (kind of) treadmill. I was most excited about the Google Maps feature that allows you to map out a route and view it on the street view of Google Maps as you’re going along. It’s not quite my virtual reality running simulator, but it’s better than blinds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any clearance dimensions for the extended pole space necessary when the machine is in use. I could find footprint dimensions and a reminder that I’d need to allow for space for the poles, which was very helpful.

So, I started considering one of the treadmills. That means giving up on the elliptical until we can move someplace with enough room for both. I’m very nervous about that, especially after my massive injuries a couple years ago. If I only had a treadmill, I’d never have been able to get back into working out as quickly as I could with the low-impact elliptical. However, I love the idea of running over whatever the movement is on an elliptical. Running seems so much more natural. I could do it in the house or go run with the wolves down the road. I can’t do the elliptical here and then take that to the streets, although that would be hilarious to watch.

The treadmill I’ve settled on is the NordicTrack X32i. I’ve stuck with NordicTrack because the Google Maps thing had me to start, and the iFit programs that allow you to follow a trainer along trails in beautiful areas of the world, and have the treadmill incline and decline to match the terrain, sealed the deal. With any luck, it’ll be here in about a month. Just in time for my birthday!

Note: I am mentioning this because I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot about my experience with it. I wanted to be clear how I went from having only the elliptical to now suddenly being able to use a treadmill, when I said we didn’t have room for a treadmill. I am specifically referencing the exact treadmill because I personally enjoy being able to see the items people are honestly using, which is why a lot of my posts are full of links. It’s not just because it’s a treadmill. We good?

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