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This Racing, This Running

Recently I’ve developed an interest in running. We don’t have room for a treadmill here, and there are wolves where we live, so jogging down the road isn’t something I’m comfortable doing. Although there is a devoted runner here I see passing by almost every day. He carries a stick. Now, a stick is better than no stick, but if I were to put you in a room with a wolf, and only give you a stick to defend yourself with, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be pleased with me. So, if that stick is to ward off attacking mountain lions, which are also in the area, or wolves, bears, coyotes, or dogs, I’m not sure he’s going to come out the victor, unless the attacker is a feral Pomeranian or vicious rabbit. Maybe he uses the stick for balance. Or he could be trotting it down the road to his secret baton twirling practice cave. Perhaps he pretends he’s a wizard with a travel-sized staff, and he’s running to Mordor instead of just calling a giant eagle right from the beginning, who could then drop him off, like a flying Uber, in the least defended area of all Middle-earth, which just so happens to be the one place that could end the game. We will never know the purpose of the stick. I’m certainly not going to run up to him to ask. What if it’s to beat people who approach him with stupid questions?

My point is! I’ve developed an itch that I cannot currently scratch. So I continue using the elliptical and try to imagine I’m running with a very awkward form. It’ll do for now, but the moment we move into a home that has the space for a nice treadmill, I’m going to submit that request to management.

I enjoy using the elliptical. That wasn’t always the case. I used to do it to stay in shape, but it wasn’t something I looked forward to doing in any way. Right now it’s 10:40 AM, and I’m anxiously waiting for my new running shoes to arrive, so I can use those instead of the Keens I’ve been wearing since my previous running shoes no longer fit after my injuries.

I want to exercise.

Part of that desire comes from an app I recently downloaded. I can’t recommend it yet, since I’ve only used it for three days, but as of right now, my workout time has nearly doubled simply because I want to continue the story. It’s Zombies, Run! — You can listen to your playlist or Pandora or whatever you use while the app runs. Occasionally “communications” will override the music. These communications are from your base or other runners, basically. It’s your job to gather supplies, avoid zombies, travel to places, etcetera. I’m sure it would be even more enjoyable if your pace was synced and your zombie chases showed an increased speed or marked progression through the story, but since I don’t have a stick, and am relegated to the elliptical, I’ll deal. If you run, jog, or walk, you may want to check it out for yourself. As I said, I haven’t used it for very long, so I can’t promise it stays as entertaining or motivating as it currently is, but it is free, so why not give it a try?

Title From:
Live Like You’re Loved
by Hawk Nelson