And I’ll Never Get Too Old to Get Around

Today we made the last payment on our truck, McGillicutty. Now we’ll have some extra money each month to spend on really important things like toilet paper and deodorant. I can’t even express in a sane way how much having deodorant and toilet paper makes me happy because it’s probably not very sane to get as excited as I do.

McGillicutty has been through a lot over the past five years. He’s driven us over 127,000 miles, travelling all over the country. He’s plowed through some roads that probably shouldn’t have been roads (and possibly weren’t roads), up the mountains of Montana, through the forests of Vermont, to the end of America at the Gulf of Mexico, across streams, bridges, and lands too many to list. He’s gotten stuck in the mud (multiple times), in pig poop, and in a blizzard. He’s been our sole mode of transportation and, for a few months last year, he was our home.

If I could love a truck it would be this one, because this is the only truck we have.

Title From:
Ramblin’ Fever
by Merle Haggard