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Yes, We Have No Bananas

Note 1: This is not a sponsored or affiliate post.

Note 2: There will be a lot of links, follow them if you wish, don’t if you’d rather not. You have the power here.

Note 3: This is another iPhone picture. I haven’t touched my actual camera in forty years.

Note 4: Nothing in said photo is from Thrive, but I’m using it because it’s food, and who’s going to stop me?

We have joined Thrive Market.

Sure, it’s just a place to do grocery shopping, but you don’t have to leave your house, which I find especially nice, and almost everything is cheaper than retail, even compared to our local store, which has pretty good deals. I was hesitant to join them at first because I worried about fragile items arriving broken, which may still be an issue in winter, though it would be no fault of Thrive’s. I ordered a couple bottles (glass) of lotion from Bath & Body Works a few years ago, and they had exploded from freezing before they got to us. Nevermind, we’ll cross that bridge later. The bottles of vinaigrettes we ordered came so well wrapped there will never be a concern of anything being damaged from shipping. Not only did they wrap everything very well, they put all the liquid-filled items into their own baggies and taped shut anything that had the potential to open, such as the Bragg Nutritional Yeast, Soap for Men – Cedar & Citrus, and the Alaffia Coconut & Neem Face Wash. Almost all of their packaging is made from recycled material, sans plastic bags for leak-likely items, so that’s a bonus too.

On top of finding one more way to avoid leaving home, offering a huge variety of healthy goods, and packaging things like I’d package them myself, they offer a free membership to a low-income family with every subscription membership ($59.95 annually) sold. Their prices make buying healthier items a lot more affordable even if you aren’t one of the families to receive a free membership. With our first order, we saved $53.51 and with our second order, another $73.06. That’s a savings of $126.57. Even subtracting the 2 of 3 initial $20 discounts, we’ve saved $26.62 over the cost of the subscription. That’s not only a deal on items, it’s a savings of time we didn’t have to spend at the grocery store.

Note 5: The following code doesn’t benefit me in any way. I’m just being helpful, gosh.

If you’d like to try Thrive Market yourself, you can use the code BD20X3 for a free 30-day trial and $20 off your first three orders. Plus, everyone gets free shipping on orders over $49, which is really easy to reach since they have so many interesting items. I mean, right now I have 20+ things in my cart, ranging from Grandpa Soap Co. Pine Tar Bar Soap and Yogi Skin Detox tea to Maine Coast Sea Vegetables – Dulse and Upton’s Naturals Chili Lime Jackfruit Carnitas.

I’m now addicted to shopping for groceries, and I don’t have to wait in line, touch any germ-laden carts, or hear the pleasant sound of the screaming child who seems to be in every single store. Give it a try, if you want. You’ll like it. I don’t know you or what you like, but I can say that because that’s what people say.

Note 6: The salad pictured was made with organic girl SUPERGREENS!, strawberries, hemp hearts, chopped pecans, and a balsamic vinaigrette I threw together and can’t remember, so I’ll never be able to recreate it, as usual. It had balsamic vinegar, olive oil, some sort of mustard…I want to say dijon, a little honey, and black pepper. There were probably other things as well. Who knows? You’d think I would, but alas…

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Yes, We Have No Bananas
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