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    Tally Me Banana

    Note: Please excuse this awful photo full of darkness and overexposures. The lighting in this refrigerator is straight out of Saw. Right now our new refrigerator is sitting in the kitchen, properly blocking access to the kettle I use to make my fancy instant coffee every morning (a relatively new habit). It’s resting upright, as instructed, for six hours, before we will move it into place and throw the old one into the Goat Shed. It’s taken quite some time to finally get the refrigerator here, but now that it’s arrived, I’m extremely excited. There are still some feelings of trepidation since the fridge remains encased in its dirty cardboard shipping box, potentially hiding dings that would require smashing it back out the door it barely fit through, but the overwhelming feeling is that of excitement. Our little pianoforte table has been home to a lot of our produce for the last several months. The windowsill above the table has been lined with marble to allow fruits to sit up there as well. Currently, there are three pears and three apples on the sill, and on the table are eleven bananas, a pint of cherry tomatoes, two enthusiastic basil plants, one small…

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    A Cold Wind’s Whispering Secrets in Your Ear

    In every state I’ve lived in, someone has used the line “If you don’t like the weather here, give it ten minutes and it’ll change,” but never has that been more accurate than my time here in Montana. Last Saturday we had our windows open, enjoying the mid-sixty breezes that brought the smell of crunchy fallen leaves and wood smoke drifting through the house. By Sunday night we had the heater cranked up to counter the drop to single digits and snow was whipping furiously in every direction. In our tiny Connecticut cabin, we had a monstrous wood-stove we relied on for all our heat. There were a few baseboard heaters but they couldn’t keep the drafty former-stable-turned-home above freezing and there is a charge on Connecticut electricity bills for “transfer” as there are no power plants in the state itself, so they have to purchase power from neighboring states, which means any electricity you use is essentially doubled in price. Rather than experience more than one $600 electricity bill, we burned. Unfortunately we don’t have any alternate source of heating in our home here, where -11 seems to have cemented itself as our daily temperature. Hopefully the electricity is…

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    Nothing Compares to Waking Up in the Sunshine

    Since the last time I posted a photo here we: 1. May 2013: Left our old farmhouse in Iowa and moved to Connecticut where we lived in a tiny cabin. It was nestled in a valley along the Housatonic river, in the Berkshire mountains, in the “quiet corner” of the state. There was no cell service or internet and everything was at least 40 minutes away, but there were bears, coyotes, peace, and beauty. 2. June 2014: Bought a cap for our truck, put all our belongings into storage, and headed west — vagabonds with a dream of living in Montana. 3. Summer 2014: Spent three months (hot, hot, hot, hot summer months) camping near a town called Ten Sleep in Wyoming. It was wild and the world smelled like sage. We befriended a few lonely horses, watched a pair of pronghorns grow, had breathtaking moments every day, and saved a dog named Deets. 4. September 2014: Settled in Montana, exactly as we set out to do. 5. Took 9-million pictures. Title From: Big Sur by Miner