How We Got Here

So how did we get out here?

We had been suddenly thrust into a situation that required either settling for a life neither of us wanted or taking a giant risk to find happiness. So, over a period of about one month, we planned, packed our truck, McGillicutty, with all the necessities, and prepared to become vagabonds. We left our tiny cabin in the Berkshire Mountains of northwest Connecticut around 10:30pm on June 16, 2014. Homeless, we set out for Montana. Sleeping in the truck, we made our way through Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illiinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and into Montana in just two days.

We camped along the Yellowstone River, watched storms roll in over the Crazy Mountains, brewed sun tea on the cap of the truck, and ate cherry tomatoes by the bucket load. One day the population of mosquitoes skyrocketed and we had no choice but to leave our little camp. We took our dogs with us, of course, and without the money for heart worm medicine, we couldn’t risk them being exposed to such an aggressive population. Luckily, living out of your vehicle means you can pick up and go whenever you want, which is what we did. We drove to the Canadian border, looking for free campsites, but came up empty. Our next move? Wyoming.

We camped in so many places within Wyoming. We met a cat we called Miss Marple on the bank of the North Platte River by Glenrock. We watched squadrons of pelicans float down the river near the Alcova Reservoir, and finally ended up in our favorite place, the BLM land outside Ten Sleep, where we saw a regular family of pronghorn antelope and 254,847,098 bunnies.

All the while, we were hunting for the perfect job, one that would allow us to have exactly the life we wanted. We brought our laptop along and would use any free WiFi we could find. Worland was very helpful in that way. That perfect job came along at the end of September and our nomadic summer came to an end once we drove back to Connecticut to get our belongings from storage and then back out to Montana where we rented this semi-dilapidated hovel while we save for our own land.

That’s the gist of it. I will rewrite and add more over time.

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