Who am I really?

I grew up in “Amish Country,” Pennsylvania but since moving away when I was 19, I have lived all over the country. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania will always be a part of who I am. I still say things like “redd out/up,” “dippy eggs,” “rutsching,” and “spritzing.” Luckily I somehow got away without “you’s” becoming part of my vocabulary.

Of all the places I’ve lived, my favorites by far have been Wyoming and Montana. My least favorite is not Wyoming or Montana.

I am married to my best friend, Brian. We have one obnoxious, lick-happy, deaf, doofus boxer named Reyka. We also have the most amazing heeler/shepherd/mystery dog named Levee, and a heeler/border collie puppy called Wicket.

I adore animals. All animals. Luckily, my love of creatures doesn’t entice me into gathering them for myself. However, I do tend to befriend nearly every animal I encounter. There is a friendly little orange cat who runs around the fields nearby and he has, just yesterday, started warming up to me. I have a “way” with animals. I also usually have the food for them but I’m going to stick with the “way” story.

Brian and I are in sync with most things. One of the things we both enjoy is nature and being outside. Naturally we gravitated toward geocaching, which we first got interested in back in Connecticut where wooded paths were plentiful and dangerous predators were not. We haven’t had much opportunity to geocache here in Montana but hopefully that will change when we start to explore this spring.

(You can find out more about geocaching here.)

In addition to our mutual affinity for the outdoors, we love cooking. We are always trying new combinations and flavors. I am not hesitant to order an octopus with a side of snake jerky…well, actually, that sounds rather unpleasant. But I draw the line at bugs and anything that still moves once plated. Unfortunately, Montana isn’t a mecca for foodies, and we’re lucky to find much beyond beef. (Although there was not a tenderloin to be found for Christmas!) There is an emu farm nearby though, so there’s that.

Here are a few random facts about me:

1. My favorite color is yellow but I don’t really like anything that’s yellow. I do tend to like a lot of things that are turquoise.

2. I despise greediness.

3. My favorite word is glass.

4. I like being covered, no matter the temperature.

5. My favorite songs are O Mio Babbino Caro, especially when performed by Renata Tebaldi, Green Fields of France by The High Kings, Coyotes by Don Edwards, and The Irish Ballad by Darby O’Gill.

6. Things must line up exactly or not at all. I feel uncomfortable when things are just slightly askew.

7. When everyone else is running for bread and milk in preparation for a storm, I am stocking up on toilet paper and deodorant. At all times I have at least six bottles of deodorant.

8. My favorite animal is Canadian geese.

9. I collect horse brass.

10. My favorite scent is lavender..

11. I am afraid of moths. I do not want them to touch me. It’s quite ridiculous.

12. I love reading. We own more books than one of the libraries I used to visit as a kid. My favorite book is Jane Eyre.

13. My sense of smell is tragically powerful.

14. My favorite TV show is Life with Elizabeth and my favorite movies are HouseboundGrabbers, Decoy Bride, and Trollhunter.

15. Dusting is my least favorite chore, followed closely by washing dishes, vacuuming, and all other chores.

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